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The Rampage II has been announced !

SkyRaker on 2013-05-02

The Rampage II has been revealed and open for registration ! 



The previous Rampage tournament shared a fair bit of success and concern; and this time looks to perfect it for the teams whom are registering. The Rampage announced it's sequel today and has also partnered up with Raidcall. I wonder what future The Rampage has in the future of the E-Sports Industry...

The details of The Rampage II are as follows:

Date: 18th – 19th May 2013

Venue: Online (Singapore Server)

Registration Method: Click here to register


Current Prize Pool:

Champion: Steamwallet USD20 x 5

2nd Place: Steamwallet USD15 x 5

3rd Place:  Steamwallet USD10 x 5


Single Elimination until stated and Maximum Team Size: 256
Check-in – Starts Saturday 13.00 SGT. Check-in ends Saturday 14.00 SGT. Check-in via Raidcall ID (5942059).
Round 1 – Starts Saturday 15.00 SGT. Games of round 1 must be started before 15.20 SGT.
Round 2 – Starts Saturday 16.00 SGT. Games of round 2 must be started before 16.20 SGT.
Round 3 – Starts Saturday 17.00 SGT. Games of round 3 must be started before 17.20 SGT.
Round 4 – Starts Saturday 18.00 SGT. Games of round 4 must be started before 18.20 SGT.
Round 5 – Starts Sunday 13.00 SGT. Games of round 5 must be started before 13.20 SGT.
Round 6 – Starts Sunday 14.00 SGT. Games of round 6 must be started before 14.20 SGT.
Round 7, Semi finals – Best-of-3. Starts Sunday 15.00 SGT.
Third place decider – Best-of-3. Starts Sunday 17.30 SGT.
Final – Best-of-5. Starts Sunday 20.00 SGT.


For up to date announcements of The Rampage II, please check their Facebook Fan Page, here


Also do join The Rampage Facebook Group, here


Source: The Rampage


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