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DOTA 2 weekly patch update brings 6.77c parity

Warturtle on 2013-03-23

DOTA 2 weekly patch update brings 6.77c parity


This week’s DOTA 2 weekly update mainly included changes which were part of the 6.77c map released earlier this week. The update aimed to balance few heroes and has bug fixes as well as a few visual effect changes.


Timbersaw will now be seen in competitive games as he enters Captain's Mode in this week’s update. Drow Ranger, Nyx Assassin and Keeper of the Light will now have a few of their skills modified. Drow Ranger’s ultimate bonus will now be no longer available when she is near enemy heroes thus making her more item dependent. A visual effect has also been added to Drow Ranger’s ultimate.


Players looking to select Keeper of the Light in competitive games will now have to reconsider as the hero's pushing abilities have been crippled. Nyx Assassin’s ganking abilities too have been shut down with the cooldown reduction and increase in mana required for Spiked Carapace.


Treant Protector's living armor will now be able to gain charges from all damage sources and would be able to absorb some damage as well compared to previous versions of the skill. Tranquil boots will now be able to provide increased healing but at the cost of increased cooldown and reduced movement speed. Manta Style will no longer able to disable Heaven Halberd with the new update.



(Source: Reddit)


Apart from the above changes there are visual effect changes for Dagon. Every level of Dagon now has a different visual effect and it changes as it gets upgraded. Continuing from last week's in-game item drop models, this week we have an addition of tangoes, while the item drop model for dust has been reworked.


This week's update does disappoint us with no new heroes but it has a lot of reworked skills as well as a few items which would definitely allow players to re-work their meta-game. The entire changelog for this week’s patch update is available in the link provided below.


Dev Dota 2 Forums:


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