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Zenith emerges victorious at DotaTalk League

Hamodi on 2013-03-18

Zenith emerges victorious at DotaTalk League



After an exciting action packed Day 1 of the Dota Talk League where 17 teams competed in their respective groups, SINGAPOREZenith were able to claim over 1,000 Euro worth of SteelSeries products after defeating THAILANDMiTH-Trust.



SINGAPOREFirst Departure vs InternationalNeoEs.Int

SINGAPOREFirst Departure's Phantom Lancer was just unable to farm up because of the aggressive tri-lane of InternationalNeoEs.Int's Lifestealer, Lina and Undying especially with the Queen of Pain constantly helping out at bottom.

After taking down the bottom lane, InternationalNeoEs.Int decided focus on the other lanes, continuing to win small skirmishes and taking down towers. The game was slowly slipping away from SINGAPOREFirst Departure and unfortunately they could not recover, forcing them to call “GG” at the 34 minute mark. With that said, they were the first team to be eliminated from the playoffs.



It was a dominat start for CHINAForLove, as they managed to get an early shadow blade on Shadow Fiend while totally shutting down Templar Assassin in mid with the dual lane of Jakiro and Lifestealer. Magnus also managed to get his dagger relatively quickly.

However, SINGAPOREZenith managed to get back to the game with a huge team wipe against CHINAForLove after catching them at the Roshan pit just after Shadow Fiend got the Aegis of the Immortal. After that, the momentum swung SINGAPOREZenith's way and they were eventually able to finish the game after an over-extension by both Lifestealer and Shadow Fiend.

THAILANDMiTH-Trust vs CHINARising Stars

The game started out quite evenly with both teams trading a few kills but CHINARising Stars were slowly falling behind in terms of their ability to farm. THAILANDMiTH-Trust managed to kill four heroes off at the 10 minute mark on the back of an over-extension by Queen of Pain while the rest of his teammates got picked off one by one.

CHINARising Stars showed how strong their line-up is, with Syllabear, Chen, Queen of Pain, Darkseer and Leviathan, taking down five of the outer towers by the 19 minute mark, whereas THAILANDMiTH-Trust only managed to take down one tower on the back of a split push by Magina. However, Magina managed to farm up his core items while the rest of his teammates held off CHINARising Stars. CHINARising Stars managed to pick-off Magina at the 36 minute mark but had to use their ultimates, Sonic Wave and a questionable Ravage by Leviathan at the end. However, Magina immediately used his buyback and THAILANDMiTH-Trust forced CHINARising Stars to defend without the two Ultimates that resulted in THAILANDMiTH-Trust ending the game in 41 minutes.



Unfortunately for MALAYSIAeClub`MuFC, there was a problem with their fifth member and they could not find a replacement in time which meant that they had to forfeit and gave MALAYSIAOrange.NeoEs a free ticket to the Semi-Finals.




MALAYSIAOrange.NeoEs had a rough start with their Syllabear constantly getting picked-off and Templar Assassin not really having a great time in mid against Queen of Pain. THAILANDMiTH-Trust on the other hand, had a much better time as Naga Siren and Lifestealer got their core items quickly with Naga Siren making the best of the situation and farmed up Radiance and Heart of Tarasque.

MALAYSIAOrange.NeoEs were slowly trying to crawl their way back into the game on the back of Mushi's Templar Assassin and got the chance to take down the middle barracks of THAILANDMiTH-Trust but with Naga Siren constantly split-pushing, they had to teleport back to prevent a melee barracks going down.

A great pick-off at the 51 minute mark on Templar Assassin with an excellent Sleep by Naga Siren, sealed the deal for THAILANDMiTH-Trust as Templar Assassin was not able to buyback. With Naga Siren on top lane and the rest in the middle lane, THAILANDMiTH-Trust managed to take down all the lane barracks before Templar Assassin could revive. MALAYSIAOrange.NeoEs would try a final push in mid but unfortunately did not have enough in the tank with THAILANDMiTH-Trust holding them back long enough for the Mega Creeps to do their part and destroy the throne eventually.


InternationalNeoEs.Int vs SINGAPOREZenith

The game started out quite evenly with both teams as they exchanged kills all over the map. Even though both teams' hard carries were getting free farms, Lifestealer had to help out on team clashes giving Phantom Lancer some better room to farm up his core items, Radiance and Heart of Tarasque, which was just too much for InternationalNeo.Int to handle forcing them to call "GG" at the 27 minute mark.



MALAYSIAOrange.NeoEs vs

GAME 1: This was a game for MALAYSIAOrange.NeoEs to lose, after a great start with their 4-1 strategy buying Shadow Fiend time to farm up his Shadow Blade. InternationalNeoEs.Int was just unable to take up great positions during clashes, especially their Magnus, with Puck and Pandaren Brewmaster both having a Dagger of their own and Shadow Fiend with his Shadow blade. With that said, InternationalNeoEs.Int just did not have enough left to defend and MALAYSIAOrange.NeoEs took Game 1 in 27 minutes.

GAME 2: It was a different story in Game 2 as InternationalNeoEs.Int had the better start compared to MALAYSIAOrange.NeoEs with their Dragon Knight getting a Hand of Midas after just 4 minutes and getting most of the kills going their way. Fortunately for MALAYSIAOrange.NeoEs, they were not far behind InternationalNeoEs.Int, with Luna Moonfang edging Dragon Knight in terms of farm whilst winning small skirmishes of their own. The 5 minute period at the 13 minute mark saw the first notable action of the game, where both teams were aggressively trying to gain an advantage. The end result after this 5 minute period saw the kills 6:4 going MALAYSIAOrange.NeoEs' way.

After that, the momentum shifted back to MALAYSIAOrange.NeoEs' way, with Night Stalker and Bounty Hunter constantly picking off opponent heroes together. Coupled with an over-farmed Luna Moonfang, MALAYSIAOrange.NeoEs was simply the better team and InternationalNeoEs.Int was forced to tap-out at the 32 minute mark.





THAILANDMiTH-Trust decided to dual lane in middle after sensing that SINGAPOREZenith would be going aggressive tri-lane at top. However, the dual lane did not bother Invoker, who even got first blood on the Anti-Mage while Shadow Demon was checking the bottom rune. With SINGAPOREZenith getting kills from the other lanes, a kill on Queen of Pain and a kill on Dark Seer, this gave them a really good start. Anti-Mage, coul no’t find a place to farm as he got killed in the Dire jungle. SINGAPOREZenith was totally controlling the tempo of the game with continuous aggression all over the map, especially some huge Sunstrikes by Invoker, taking THAILANDMiTH-Trust out of their comfort zones.



There was just no way THAILANDMiTH-Trust could recover with the massive lead SINGAPOREZenith had, so they were forced to tap-out after 27 minutes, hoping to comeback on Game 2.




The story for Lakelz this time was different, as SINGAPOREZenith decided to abandon bottom lane allowing him to free farm with his Morphling. When SINGAPOREZenith made a move to take down the top tier one tower 3 minutes into the game, Lakelz and company saw an opening with SINGAPOREZenith over-extended. Morphling teleported to the top lane, denying the tower and killing Warlock along with it. After that it was an even game for both teams but SINGAPOREZenith was still leading in terms of progression, Blink Dagger, Ogre axe on Puck, Maelstrom and Plate Mail on Syllabear and Mekansm and Hood of Defiance on Dark Seer. Morphling, on the other hand, had his Linken’s Sphere, Mekansm on Magnus and Orchid of Malevolence on Queen of Pain

SINGAPOREZenith managed to claim the Aegis of the Immortal at the 23 minute mark and won the clash as THAILANDMiTH-Trust tried to deny them Roshan but ultimately failing miserably, losing Magnus, Queen of Pain and Leshrac.

SINGAPOREZenith would later on take down the second tower in the middle lane, leaving Morphling an opening to take the bottom first tower, giving him more time and gold to get him closer to his Manta Style. Lakelz would continue split-pushing, a strategy he loved, which forced SINGAPOREZenith to teleport back and defend towers.

A huge team fight at the 33 minute mark with Rubick stealing Reverse Polarity and coupled with the other nukes, led to a four man death on the side of THAILANDMiTH-Trust. This allowed SINGAPOREZenith to take down the third mid tower and dishing out considerable damage on the melee barracks leaving it vulnerable to a potential quick back-door. However, SINGAPOREZenith had to retreat when all of THAILANDMiTH-Trust’s heroes revived. Morphling was basically keeping them in the game after THAILANDMiTH-Trust defended the middle barracks.


A questionable 3 man clash by THAILANDMiTH-Trust at the 42 minute mark saw them try to catch SINGAPOREZenith off-guard in mid but led to their deaths and allowed SINGAPOREZenith to finish the game off.

SINGAPOREZenith would finish the tournament without dropping a single game and took home 5 x Steelseries Siberia.



1st Place – SINGAPOREZenith – 5 x Steelseries Siberia

2nd Place – THAILANDMiTH-Trust – 5 x Steelseries apex

3rd Place – MALAYSIAOrange.NeoEs –  5x Steelseries Raw


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