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DOTA 2 in your iPhone?

RGN on 2013-01-20

Valve have been working hard to reach out to DOTA 2 players in every possible way and this time they have chosen a device which is easy to carry and accessible from anywhere. The Alpha Build Preview of Pocket DOTA 2 has been released and it would be available for download only on the iPhone. 

The Pocket DOTA 2 for iPhone is basically an application which would be available for iPhone users to browse through the latest news, blog post, player statistics, player hub and a lot more features. The player hub would basically allow players to view (only) your own personal Steam inventory from here and have access to personal saved builds for heroes and a list of all livestream notifications can also been seen in the player hub tab.


In addition to the these features, the Pocket DOTA 2 application for iPhone also has a Hero listing of all the heroes available in DOTA 2 along with a search option with alternate names of heroes. The hero tab also consist of various segments within itself like Hero lore, Hero abilities including full descriptions, visual previews and also tutorials for the Heroes. Along with Hero tab it also consist of an item tab with a fully functional and categorized items list with a search feature that allows classification of results by category.


The biggest part of this application will be the competitive tab and it would consist of complete competitive news from across the web in a format friendly for reading on mobiles and particularly on Pocket DOTA 2. Also a couple of websites would be partnered to keep the news fresh and updated. Fully functional match ticker that allows you to keep track of all the upcoming matches.. Pocket DOTA 2 users will be able to subscribe to your favorite channels from the available list and the app will notify them whenever they go live. Also there will be a full fledged team profiles showcasing the Top 20 squads from across the globe.


The above is just a preview of the alpha build of Pocket Dota 2 application. We will keep you update as goes into further stages and is available for all the other platforms for Smartphone users.


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