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Mineski announces DOTA 2 to be played during GMPGL

RGN on 2013-01-19

After the announcement by Mineski that WarCraft III DOTA will still be retained at GMPGL along with Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm as part of their gaming platform. Four more games are revealed today. After Philippine’s big win during Sendi Mutiara Multimedia, a lot of fans and E-Sports personalities are already expecting and demanding top Philippine teams to switch and focus on DOTA 2 to compete against international teams. This is the only way to prove to themselves and to other countries the real strength of Philippines E-Sports.


Today, during the official unveiling of four more game categories for GMPGL, Mineski delivered and did not disappoint, as they announced that DOTA 2 will now be played during GMPGL  Season V and future GMPGLs, plus 3 more game categories such as League of Legends, Dragon Nest SEA and CS:GO expanding the gaming scene on GMPGL even more. 


Adding DOTA 2 to Mineski’s gaming platform is the biggest step for Philippine E-Sports, as this will be the start of a new Chapterfor their journey, it will not be easy but they are accepting the challenges that are ahead of them.


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