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The Asia Final: LGD brings home the champion of The Asia!

RGN on 2012-12-23

The Grand Final of The Asia was played between MUFC and LGD.Here we bring you the updates from Game 1 from a series of best of 3 games.


Game 1: 

Here are the drafts for the Game 1 of the Grand Finals of The Asia:



LGD’s ddc and xiao8 decided to team up to take down MUFC’ Death Prophet at the mid lane as their first victim of the game at the 7th min mark of the game. And from there on LGD never looked back .


By the 15min mark LGD were able to take down the tier 1 tower at mid and the tier 1 and tier 2 towers at the top lane without suffering any losses. This allowed Sylar to have his Radiance up by the 16th min mark.


At the 18th min mark both teams engaged in a team fight at top lane between the tier 1 and tier 2 tower of the Dire side causing MUFC to loose 3 heroes for 1. And soon after that Lone Druid claimed the first Roshan of the game during the 19min of the game.


LGD soon were able to backstab MUFC in the mid lane near the tier 2 tower of the Dire Side and causing MUFC to loose 4 of their heroes. Sensing the game going out of their hands MUFC called gg at the 21st min of the game.




LGD seems to have done their homework very well and hence they were able to defeat the undefeated team in the tournament with ease. But thats not the end for MUFC if they manage to win in Game 2 they still have a chance to grab the Championship.


Game 2: 

Game of the grand finals seemed to be more balance than the first one a MuFC now picked more of their traditional heroes in Queen of Pain, Invoker, and Life Stealer. Adding to this LGD looks shaky on the start of the game having their trilane owned by the oppositions trilane.



More concern for LGD is that their Lone Druide isn't getting the farm that he needs early on and lastly, Xiao8's ganking isn't as splendid as what he did in his previous games.


But the x-factor for this game just carry LGD up, Yao's Windrunner was just insane first, harassing Sharky's Queen of Pain in the top lane and also making the difference in different team engagement shackling multiple heroes from MuFC to prevent them to contribute in team fights.


HyHy's naix was the salvation of the Malaysian but pretty well countered by a focus Shadow Demon ultimate. With that in hand LGD claimed the 2nd win in the best-of-three series making them the champions of your "The Asia" tournament.

Congratulation LGD for The Asia Champion


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