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MiTH.GlamorousCrazy dominated the PB Thailand Championship 2012!

Tantanat Chairatn on 2012-10-30

At BIG Festival 2012, a gaming and eSports festival in Thailand, held in 19-21 October 2012 with the biggest Point Blank tournament of the year, Point Blank Thailand Championship 2012 has finally ended with the famous team of Thailand as the champion, MiTH.GlamorousCrazy!!!

MiTH.GlamorousCrazy  - The champion of PB Thailand Championship 2012

As we known, MiTH.GC is the world-class PB team of Thailand, because they participate many world championship of Point Blank. They’re well known from being champion of several tournaments like PBCG Champion League 2011, TN Tournament by FPS Thailand, Logitech tournament by Neolution, PB TG-PL 2012 @The Games Xpo Thailand 2012, etc. 


The final round is the match between Innovate by Tt E-Sports, the another top-class of Thailand from knowing of Point Blank FPS Thailand Cup #4 and #9 champion, and in the #9, the team used another name as “Cheng pa lah.” They are also well known being the champion of PB ARC Light 2012. MiTH.GC beat Innovate to the ground with the score 7-2, that made MiTH.GC is the winner of PB Thailand Championship 2012. 


Innovate - The 1st runner up

As the winner of the tournament, the winner will receive 100,000 baht and gaming gear from TteSports at the worth of 50,000 baht, and the 1st runner up will receive 50,000 baht.

[Source: Compgamer]


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