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MiTH.RedArchon: The lone wolf in SC 2 Thailand scene

Tantanat Chairatn on 2012-08-04

I think that we’ve already known about MiTH.RedArchon so well, because he’s the lone wolf of MiTH E-Sports group of StarCraft II. He participates in all of StarCraft II tournaments in Thailand, and the latest ones as we saw were the SCII AEC Thailand Championship at The Games Xpo Thailand 2012 and the WCS SEA Open in Singapore. He won the AEC SCII and being qualified for the Grand Finale at Tokyo Game Show 2012 in Japan and won the 1st runner-up prize at SC2 WCS SEA and grabbed the ticket to the grand finale at China. Let’s see the interview.

RGN: Let’s talk about SCII AEC Thailand Championship 2012, how do you feel after you get the champ?

RedArchon: I’m very happy about it


RGN: I’ve seen that HaDeZ is your friend. Do you worry about fighting against him in the final round?

RedArchon: I didn’t worry about that because it’s normal. I’ve fought with HaDeZ in every grand finale of every tournament of SCII, and another thing is all of StarCraft II players in Thailand have already known of each other; so it’s normal.


RedArchon (right) and HaDez (left) in the AEC Thailand Qualiifer Final Round

RedArchon in the final match

Being the champion

RGN: Did you prepare yourself before the tournament? And how?

RedArchon: I didn’t prepare before because of internet connection problem at my home, and when I arrived Bangkok, the same problem occurred, so I had much pressure before the tournament.


RGN: What’s your latest international tournament? And did foreign players have different styles than Thai players?

RedArchon: IGC 2012 at India is the latest one, and about the style, it’s completely different, because I can’t make a guess on their play styles.


RGN: Did you prepare for the tournament at Japan yet?

RedArchon: No, not yet. I think it would be very tough competition, but I’ll do my best.


RGN: Which players do you think that they would be the scariest opponents if they goes to the Grand Finale at Japan?

RedArchon: These players are from South Korea, because they’re the best at StarCraft II; every player from there is so scary.


RGN : What did you hope about this tournament?

RedArchon: Actually, in every tournament that I participate, I hope for the champion prize, because I think I have skills and be good enough to win it, even though I am really not. But every time I participated, I hope for the champ.


RGN : Let’s talk more about SC2 WCS SEA in Singapore. At the final round with Mineski.Stellar, did you feel any pressure about that?

RedArchon: Yeah, a lot. I didn’t sleep all night because I had to set the plan and watched his replays. I had to study his play styles a lot, and I was so uncomfortable at that round, seriously.


RedArchon at the WCS SEA

RGN: What’s the main course of your mistake at the final round?

RedArchon: I didn’t play along with my plan because I was afraid to lose. And with my lots of pressure, so I was mistaken.


RGN: How much do you prepare for the next tournament at China and Tokyo Game Show 2012?

RedArchon: I didn’t prepare anything yet right now, because I just came back from Singapore. And I have a lot of work to do back then. So I can’t tell you anything right now.


RGN: Any shoutout? 

RedArchon: I want to thank you for being the part of Thailand eSports development and I hope it will be last forever.


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