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PES - Vietnam's Wonderkid - Xesi

RGN on 2010-01-21

proA.Xesi – Vietnam's wonderkid of Pro Evolution Soccer
Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) is one of the most adored eSports games in Vietnam. In fact, PES community has a huge amount of people who spend hours on training. Especially in Hanoi the capital of Vietnam, PES playing movement is so impressive.

Like real soccer, PES gamers wanted to create a ranking table which bases on the regular tournaments results. Through this table, people can glorify the most skilled gamers so it is easier to pick the seeds for tournaments & to promote the movement. However, due to the distance between Hanoi and TP.HCM, 2 hottest PES zone in Vietnam, Vietnamese gamers can only create separate ranking for Hanoi.

By now, you guys can easily recognize who the leader of Hanoi ranking is, he is Hoang Ha “Xesi” Le, the 17 years old boy from proArmy Gaming. Ha is the new champion of the ESPORTS CUP and RGN decided to have a short interview with him.


Hi Ha, would you like to introduce yourself to RGN readers who may not yet know you?
Hoang Ha: Hello Rapture, my name is Hoang Ha Le a.k.a proA.Xesi, I’m 17 years old and I’m a Viet Duc high school student. I play PES in proA multigaming.

Tell us your appraisement of PES 2010 version
Hoang Ha: Oh there are so many players who put their hopes on PES 2010 being a better version of the Pro Evolution Soccer series. This version contains little bugs, has good gameplay and gamers must work their brain if they want to win every match. With perfect videos, PES 2010 is a great title for everyone.

How about your team’s situation now?
Hoang Ha: 2010 is a vital year for me because I have to take the university entrance examinations. But I do try to play PES every Sunday and participate in regular tournaments with my teammates. We often play on Sunday afternoons. proA.PES have just won PESVN league and we wanted to defend our title.

What’s your favorite club?
Hoang Ha: Haha Brazil, to me it’s the perfect team in PES 2010 without any disadvantages. However in Vietnam, the organizers might ban international teams so I think I will choose Real Madrid.

What do you think about your rival opponents?
Hoang Ha: I highly recommend 3 skilled players in Hanoi: uNs|Batigol, Str.QuangBarca and proA.ThePa. Batigol and QuangBarca, all of them have very impressive skills and playing technique. They can control the players perfectly, especially the ultility player like C.Ronaldo. ThePa is my leader in proA.PES, he's a classy player for all versions. Besides, uNs|Sweet, uNs|CMz, Str.CuongDZ are very good opponents.

You are 1st in the PES Hanoi ranking, what’s your feeling now?
Hoang Ha: Ah yes, I still stand on the champion position of PESVN Ranking with ESPORTS CUP and PES VN CUP. For the next regular PESVN tournament’s coming up next Sunday and I think I can still protect my title.


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