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The Games Xpo (TGX) Thailand reveal dates!

Gene on 2013-05-16

The Games Xpo (TGX) Thailand reveal dates!



Compgamer, the best seller gaming magazine in Thailand co-operates with Rapture TH CO., Ltd together to organize yet another huge gaming event for thai gamers in 2013.

15th May 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand. Compgamer and Rapture TH made an official press conference about The Games Xpo 13 ( also known as TGX13 ) one of famous gaming event known for not just being an ordinary game show but one that includs eSports.

Dates: 7th - 9th June 2013

Venue: Queen Sirikit Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand



TGX13 will be the second time The Games Xpo in organized in Thailand since 2012. The objective is to push the eSports community in Thailand making it grow bigger and bigger and hopefully one day we can stand on the same level with global eSports. The press conference was opened by Mr.Santi from Compgamer News and Mr.Pharaphatr from Rapture TH giving their speech about the concept of TGX13 of how to expand the fanbase and attract not only eSports players but gamers and teenagers to pay attention to TGX13 and eSports. TGX13 presenting sponsor was also revealed, a brand of energy drink name “Sponsor”


Director from Compgamer News

Director from Rapture TH

Marketing Manager from Sponsor


“Sponsor” not only pays attention and interest to sports such as soccer, basketball but in their perspective gaming is another dimension of sports in the digital era. The concept of eSports and gaming has a link with physical sport. That’s the reason why they are supporting TGX13.



As we know TGX13 is a game show where new games are revealed in the event with gaming competitions. This year there will be more interesting attractions to come in TGX13 and here are some of them:

  • Cosplay Contest
  • Short-Film contest
  • Concert from Make-a-whiz

TGX13 will see the official debut from Make-a-whiz artists.


Musician artist from Make-a-whiz


One of the most popular topics in this press conference was the official announcement of the Thai E-Sport Association (TESA). TESA was founded by individuals who are well-known in the Thai eSports scene such as Mr.Satean from Neolution, P’Van from MiTH , Sergi (Phol) from Razer, Joliez from Real-Esport and 1st Esports and the rest from Compgamer News.



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