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Asian Gaming League Day 1 Recap

Nic on 2013-04-06

Asian Gaming League Day 1 Recap


The Malaysian LAN tournament, Asian Gaming League (AGL) has ended its opening day with 16 out of the registered 64 teams making it through to the top 16. These last 16 teams who will compete tomorrow are as follows:


  1. MALAYSIA Orange.Neolution
  2. MALAYSIA Retard
  3. MALAYSIA Team Solicit
  4. MALAYSIA Nova Progenies
  5. MALAYSIA MalayAllStar
  6. MALAYSIA QMX-DingDong
  7. MALAYSIA Fishball
  8. MALAYSIA SmokeEvil
  9. MALAYSIA Invasion.MuFC
  10. MALAYSIA Recovery
  11. MALAYSIA Girl Generation 9
  12. MALAYSIA Vivacity e-Sports
  13. MALAYSIA Invasion.Gigabyte
  14. MALAYSIA Fine Art
  15. MALAYSIA Pokong
  16. MALAYSIA Razin.


Full brackets:


(Credit: Event photos from Stashden)


The AGL will be looking to feature established teams likes Invasion.MuFC, Orange.Neolution and Invasion.Gigabyte in day 2 and promises to be a really exciting finale to the tournament.


Jaseem Khan, CEO and founder of AGL share his thoughts with us on the first day and what we can expect tomorrow.

 “Day one went quite successful and I'm thankful to the Malaysian Dota 2 community for such a tremendous support. 56 of 64 teams showed up and we managed to finish all the matches till top 16 by 4:30pm which is a great achievement on its own. Tomorrow is going to be another tiring yet exciting day with full of action pack matches. All the giants, Orange Neolution, Invasion MuFc, Malayallstars and Invasion.Gigabyte will be facing one another at one point of time so I'm sure there will be some good matches to watch tomorrow.”

















(Credit: Event photos from Stashden)



Day 2 of the AGL will commence tomorrow at 0930 hours (GMT +8) in the morning with all teams aiming for the 3,000RM cash and TTeSports products prizes. The AGL takes place at Orange Internet Cafe' Wangsa Maju in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Be sure to visit Rapture Gaming Network’s Twitch channel for LIVE streaming of the final day of the tournament.


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