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Interview with Laurent ''Laukyo'' Chung

Aaron Trinidad on 2012-08-23

Today, Rapture Gaming Network will bring you Laukyo, a StarCraft 2 player from France. Laurent Chung a.k.a Laukyo started to show his skills at the end of 2010. He competed in the Master Series 2010 and 2011 offline events, where he got in the Quarter Finals. He also joined in the eGG - one StarLeague during eOSL Summer 2011 that he won an online qualifier against ToD. In this tournament, he was able to get a spot in the main bracket at the expense of Adelscott whom he eliminated. These achievements made him well known as a StarCraft 2 Pro Player.


General Information:

1. Name: Laurent Chung.
2. Nickname: Laukyo.
3. Age: 18.
4. Country: France.
5. Game(s) played competitively: StarCraft 2.
6. Year when gamer started competitive/pro gaming: 2010.
7. Gaming Hardware: Roccat Kone for mouse and Black Widow Ultimate for keyboard.



Laurent ‘Laukyo’ Chung


RGN: Hello Laukyo, Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Laukyo: Hello! I am Laurent Chung, also known as Laukyo, 18 years of age and I am a professional StarCraft 2 player.


RGN: Can you share your experience in playing competitively StarCraft 2?

Laukyo: Uhmm… playing competitively is like having fun with the Professionals. Sometimes it goes pub game when both players are tired or bored. Also, the expectation of the fans is one of my weaknesses because it gives me pressure while I’m in the battle, but sometimes the support of my fans is really helpful because they encourage me to do my best.


RGN: So Cool! What is the feeling when competing with the best?

Laukyo: It feels great, but sometimes I need to be more serious because we're all fighting for a purpose.


RGN: Nice to hear that! Anyway, what is your dream team in StarCraft 2? Why?

Laukyo: I think Prime or EHOME because I always want to play for a Chinese team.


RGN: By the way, who is the toughest opponent of StarCraft 2 you've ever encountered?

Laukyo: I think Stephano because this guy is really amazing. He knows everything what to do in this situation. His timing also are really good.


Laukyo at the WCS StarCraft 2 France Nationals


RGN: I noticed that some pro players of StarCraft 2 usually play for teams... So why you don't play for a team or organization?

Laukyo: A lot of team tried to recruit me but I said no because I planned to do something, but suddenly it got cancelled.


RGN: What is your favorite race in StarCraft 2?

Laukyo: My favorite race in StarCraft 2 is Terran.


RGN: Is Terran easier to use? Or does it have any advantage than the other races?

Laukyo: I think Terran is the harder race to use because you have to do a lot of micro, multitask compare to the other race, and also a good macro. With Zerg, you just need to macro with some good injects and with Protoss, mostly you have a deathball and if you lose this deathball you lose the game.


RGN: As far as I've seen, you are playing StarCraft 2 well. So, how you train yourself even though their are no tournaments?

Laukyo: Before any game, I practice really hard, more than 10 hours per days. But since last month, I'm feeling really sad and upset because I really don't know what to think, so I'm not really practicing these days.


RGN: Can you give us a few tips on how to play StarCraft 2 smooth and well?

Laukyo: I use a lot on my micro and multitask, but I won't say it's the best way for someone wanna begin StarCraft 2.


RGN: Last question bro! If you've given a chance to play with a PRO, who would it be? Why?

Laukyo: I think it will be MarineKingPrime because I really like this guy. He may not be the best player in the world now, but his micro is still really awesome.


RGN: Any shoutouts?

Laukyo: Thanks to my fans and friends for supporting me, and also a special thank to my first and last girlfriend. I'm really sorry for hurting her so much. I hope we will be a couple again one day. Also thanks to Rapture Gaming Network for interviewing me.

Laukyo’s Official Facebook Fanpage


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