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RGN officially partners up with Bracketcloud!

Michael on 2013-07-25

RGN officially partners up with Bracketcloud!




Rapture Gaming Network (RGN) is very pleased to announce its official partnership with Bracketcloud!  Some of you may already have noticed that we've already started using the Bracketcloud tournament systems for the E2Max L33T Championship as well as the July's edition of the Neolution DOTA 2 Open Cup. We'll also be continuing to use their tournament system in all of our future tournaments!


Statement from BracketCloud:

BracketCloud is a new tournament management web app. Whether you are an organizer, participant or fan, our goal is to help make competition enjoyable for everyone. As we move near the end of Beta phase, it is perfect timing for us to support RGN and their tournaments by offering them the tools they need to execute top-notch events. BracketCloud is free to use so jump over to and try it out for your next tournament!


BracketCloud usage during July's Neolution DOTA 2 Open Cup


Bracketcloud currently is a free to use online tournament system which is particularly useful for organizers & participants. All you'll have to do is to head to & create a free account. At the moment, it is still in its beta phase & you'll only be able to create knock-out brackets & group stages.


Here are some of its features:

- Create a tournament & set its desired format swiftly!

- Ability to embed the brackets onto an external site.

- Ability to integrate your stream together with your brackets.

- Colour differentiation in order to make your brackets stand out.

- Integrated Twitter match-ticker function

- Your tournament will be listed on BracketCloud & you can open it up for participants to join!

- Real-time chat function to interact with your participants.

- And many more!


Be sure to follow them on their social medias as well for the latest development updates!


BracketCloud Facebook:

BracketCloud Twitter:

BracketCloud Blog:





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