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Vici Gaming and For.Love are out of Dota 2 Super League

Yennan on 2013-07-23
Dota 2 Super League


Despite their best attempts to hold their qualification for DotA 2 Super League Season Two, Vici Gaming lost their guaranteed spot for the upcoming tournament after the relegation playoffs. For.Love however was disqualified due to non-participation caused by the recent changes to their player roster.

A qualifier match will be held to fill the empty spots and give a few other teams the chance to secure a spot before the upcoming tournament later this year.

Securing the final spot during the relegation playoffs was team RisingStars.


Watch live video from beyondthesummit2 on TwitchTV

Rattlesnake is the big winner today, qualifying for the next season with straight wins over Vici Gaming, in the first round, and RisingStars, in the second. Rising Stars on the other hand, had a free pass in the first round (was suppose to play For.Love) but have to qualify from the loser bracket after dropping their game against Rattlesnake. Regardless, RisingStars put on a spectacular performance, tripling Vici Gaming's kill score to secure the final spot.


Final dates for the qualifier and the tournament proper are currently unannounced but is currently pegged at around September-October. Details will be posted here in RGN as soon as possible. In-game tickets for DSL Season 2 can be bought here.



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