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WCS 2013 and TI3 Finals Happening on the same Weekend

Yennan on 2013-07-23
WCS and TI3 on August 10-11


Blizzard has just announced the schedule for the finals of StarCraft 2's World Championship Series 2013 (NA, EU and KR). They will be on August 10-11 which also happens to be the finals leg of Valve's DOTA 2 tournament, The Internationa0l 3.

We're barreling toward the culmination of regional competition at an incredible rate, and we're pleased to announce that the Season 2 League Finals for all three regions will take place August 10 - 11 in a blowout weekend of nonstop StarCraft II action.

- Blizzard Blog Post

Discussion among the E-sports community is heating up as many are commenting on the possible ramifications of this scheduling conflict. Many are blaming Blizzard's events staff for this decision which fans think will only weaken the viewership of both events.

The International 2013 is a much anticipated DOTA 2 event that has been building up steam for a while now and has just recently reached the prize-pool of $2.6 million. WCS 2013 however has been going on for a while, with it actually taking place for the most of the week from August 5-8 and the finals happening on 10-11.


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