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Artyk Gaming joins Denial Dota2

Avarice on 2013-06-28

Artyk Gaming gets picked up by Denial Esports!


Artyk Gaming is a Peruvian DotA2 team thats been making sizeable waves in their respective community, with wins over some very strong Western teams, and some consistent results in local and online tournaments. It should be pleasing news then for Denial Esports that they've managed to pick up the team, the decision being made some time after the disbanding of their own Dota2 team.

The Artyk Gaming roster under Denial Esports is now as follows:

Ricardo "Mstco" Román

Leonardo "miHawk" Astete

Iwo "Iwo" Bejar

Alex "Masoku" Dávila

Freddy "SmAsH" Sina




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