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Neolution DOTA 2 Open Cup: July Edition kicks-off this sunday!

Hamodi on 2013-07-12

The Neolution DOTA 2 Open Cup: July Edition kicks-off this Sunday!



Everything is set for this month's edition of the Neolution DOTA 2 open where a total of 63 registered teams are set to clash with one another to claim the USD$250 cash prize, Neolution Gaming Peripherals and RGN Premium memberships. You don't have to worry about the competion as there are also some familiar names like THAILANDAMGD.Awake, INDONESIAJoe Elite team, VIET NAM1st.VN|Gigabyte, PHILIPPINESDreamzLedionSteelSeries and many more who are joining the party this Sunday, 14th of July 2013. 

With the disallowed teams taking place, this is a great opportunity most specially for aspiring teams who are dreaming of having the spotlight shined at them, but it will not be an easy road ahead as they have to go through the rest of the teams to reach that illusive victory.



The teams are not only battling for the prizes at stage, they can also garner specific points depending on their final standing to be considered for the RGN Elite Leauge promotion & invitational tournaments.

RGN Tournament Points:

1st: 10 Points

2nd: 5 Points

3rd-4th: 3 Points

5th-8th: 1 Point


Competition Date/Time:

14th July 2013, 10:00AM to 7:00PM (GMT+8)



Single Elimination, Best-of-one



To be released on Saturday night at


General Rules:

Team leaders are encouaged to use the registration comments as a communication thread. Should an opponent not respond after 15minutes of the stipulated schedule, the team may claim a forfeit win.

Team leaders are to join the Dota 2 channel ‘Rapture Gaming Network’ with team tags on your nickname. You may look for your opponent there or in the registration comments.

The winning team has to post their match result in the comments section of this article or in the Dota 2 channel 'Rapture Gaming Network'.

Selected matches may be broadcasted by RGN & other authorized streamers.

Admin: RGN.XtReM1St


Game Rules:

Teams named first in the brackets will be playing as the Radiant side, while the latter the Dire side. Picks will be random.
Mode: Captains Mode
Server: Singapore server (default).
Spectators Mode: OFF


For more information, just visit the Neolution DOTA 2 Open Cup site regarding streams, brackets and many more:





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  1. gravatar

    Team Fox Demon, Thunderbuddies, Inzomnia, Dreamz, Insidious Idol & What Up Dude all here? Opponent looking for you in channel. Please report ASAP otherwise a forfeit loss will be given

  2. gravatar

    Vice City Gaming is not showing up....

  3. gravatar

    [LF] Infinity Moment

  4. gravatar

    Team fox demon are you here?

  5. gravatar

    Rapture Gaming Network in DOTA 2. Teams are already there

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