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Left 4 Dead 3

RollsRoyce on 2013-07-23


There was quite some rumor about a countdown clock that was discovered that showed Left 4 Dead 3 logo which is one of the third series of the popular zombie FPS franchise. The timer is said to end around August 21st with no specific timezone by using Central Time Zone (CST) . The very last words that was heard from the company Valve was it's very own "Internal Valve Document" which consists of development schedules and the progress of game titles such as Half-Life 3 was also involved let alongside the zombie franchise mentioned earlier.

As most of us veteran gamers out there, you are certainly eager to know what happened as well to the Half-Life 2 series which showed a very saddening cliffhanger where Gordon Freeman was unable to do anything and thus ending the game vice versa. So now it is all in the hands of Valve to make sure this third episode or edition be released as soon as possible to know what's happening to the entire Half-Life story and plot. 

Now skip Half-Life 3, we also know that Left 4 Dead itself have gathered lots of casual gamers around to enjoy wrecking zombies throughout suburbs , cities and sewers challenging known zombies like the Tank , Smoker and so on forth. Let's just wait and see what Valve would release within the Winter season of the current year.

We shall see some surprises around the corner!




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