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Kaipi and Natus Vincere facing off for the finals of "The Defense" today

Yennan on 2013-07-25
The Defense


Kaipi will be up against Natus Vincere on todays grand finals for "The Defense" Season 4. At 20:10 CEST today (July 25, 2013), the live stream will be available at this link (or click the embedded video below). The competing teams will be fighting for 1st place and the $12,000 prize pool.

Things look favorable for season 1 champions Na'Vi, winning every single match except their first during GROUP A eliminations, where they tied with team Mousesports. Things have been a bit more rocky with Kaipi, surfacing from the losers bracket after losing to Na'Vi once and defeating Evil Geniuses to claim their place in the grand finals.

Watch live video from joindotared on

As both of the teams were able to take their first round matches, up against ua iCCup and se The Alliance respectively, keeping them out of harms way while teams like ru Virtus.Pro, us Team Dignitas, de mousesports, The Alliance and us Team Liquid were eliminated one by one, with Liquid going out in fourth place with $2,000 for their efforts during this season.

- The Defense Official Site

Edit: Match has started. Check it out the stream above.


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