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An outlook on 1st.VN|Gigabyte

RollsRoyce on 2013-07-22







Many of you might be surprised at the current South East Asia scene lately. Professionals teams across the Asia regions have rose up speedily through tournaments and leagues you have seen or witness by live streams or in-game with Dota 2 client. What amazed the current scene would be none other than the team hailed from Vietnam, calling themselves 1st.VN|Gigabyte! 


What makes this team happening? What were the natural goals they have? Basically, from what I have seen, they are truly the new stars of Vietnam overcoming the once strongest team in the same country called StarsBoba back in the DotA 1 era. This is surprisingly unexpected that there are still farther professional teams from their own area and 1st.VN themselves have proven it through lots of tournaments. They have distinguished their standings eversince acquiring Neolution Gosucup Asia: July's 2nd place with $300 in their pocket.

Deriving from the likes of Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), this professional gaming clan also accomodates various E-Sports team division so they are expanding their powers amongst their trusty mates in different game titles. The other games mentioned earlier are Counter Strike 1.6 , Counter Strike : Global Offensive , CrossFire and Poker. They have established their very own Facebook fanpage since November 17th of 2010. Stay tune for more action packed and promising games from their Dota 2 division! And here, you can get to see their roster below.


Dota 2's Team Roster:

VIET NAM Nguyễn "Misa" Đinh Việt Thành 

Main Player:
VIET NAM Vũ "Ares" Vạn Tín 
VIET NAM Trần "Boss" Thanh Sang 
VIET NAM Võ "QQ" Hoàng Vương 
VIET NAM Vương "TT" Thiện Tài 
VIET NAM Nguyễn "Secret" Minh Nhân

VIET NAM Lưu "~yy^^" Huỳnh Minh Nhật


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