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An outlook on Insidious Gaming.Int

RollsRoyce on 2013-07-22


The gamers from Singapore never fails to attract crowds of gamers across the Asia region. Achieving what is impossible turns out to be possible by Singaporeans in fields like DotA 1 , Starcraft 2 or even FIFA. Why are they so skilled and dedicated? The passion and determination they have is something to be amazed of. So here come's to a review of team Insidious Gaming and it's Dota 2 division.


You could be surprised of who they are. As a matter of fact, this team packs a punch towards the South East Asia scene. The story goes by how this team which was once known as GGHomeTeam(GGHT) being one of the top 3 in Singapore achieving various tournament titles and putting a fight against the dominating team in the same area such as Zenith and other Malaysian teams down to earth. After several years, that team has poofed to nowhere. And by the time Dota 2 was announced, their players lurk in the depths of this very popular MOBA game and rose up again. In the early years of 2013, they were recruited by Netolic clan to become the Netolic.SG division and pretty much a few spectacular wins against powerhouses from other country. Their significant achievements would be getting two champion titles in GosuCup Asia VI raking in $500 and also Neolution GosuCup Asia: July Edition with another $500 in hand.

Now I would like to show you the team's roster because they have just made another roster changes eversince they got into the professional clan of Insidious Gaming which houses various game divisions of players and teams. Their team name was founded in 2011 by a group of gamers who wants to have talented gamers in their lead for global exposure and challenge. They have marked their achievements with many of their game divisions and they are something to be beckon with. So I'll let the latest information I gathered as follow for the team players if your interested.

Current Dota 2 Team's Roster:

SINGAPORE Eugene "raveplue" Yap Chin Jie
SINGAPORE Joel "chibix33" Chan
PHILIPPINES Michael "ninjaboogie" Ross
SINGAPORE Wei Han "kiosaii" Su
SINGAPORE Jon "Fazelsmurf" Lim




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