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StarCraft 2 celebrates it's Third Year Anniversary

Yennan on 2013-07-25


It's been 3 years since July 27, 2010, the date when StarCraft 2 was released and started the next generation of E-sports action with one of the greatest game franchises of all time. This weekend, Blizzard is offering some cool goodies in honor of this event.

For older players, Blizzard is implementing a 25% increase in XP gain for a limited time.

For those who only have the starter edition, all three races will once again be unlocked. You can take this opportunity and bring in your friends as well using spawning and have more people join in on the fun and consider getting the full retail version.

New art can be downloaded in wallpaper form as another treat, a reworking of the 15th anniversary line-up art for StarCraft.


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