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Tt ESports MEKA: Dedicated with a compact design

HH on 2013-07-05

Tt ESports MEKA: Dedicated with a compact design


If you are a casual user, an essential keyboard can satisfy any of your normal computing work. However, if you’re an avid gamer, who requires quick responses from your gear, you need a “high-end” keyboard.

Comes with simple but compact outfit and with amazing durability, the Tt ESports MEKA should be in your short-list when you approach professional gaming.


Space? No more space!

Tt ESports MEKA is simplified as much as possible because the manufacture removed the spaces between Alpha-numeric keys and the Number keyboard, even the Windows button has disappeared from the layout. Now you don’t need to over stretch for any key combination.


Amazing durability

Tt Esports aims for comfort and durability when Cheery Black Switches is applied to Tt ESports MEKA, giving this keyboard a lifespans up to 50 million keystrokes.



N-Key Rollover function

This is what hardcore gamers need! N-Key Roller function help you finish your key combination at once without interrupting your gaming session.


Review from other sites

“There are a lot of things I like about this keyboard, but I do feel that they have compromised a few things to try and deliver you the best gaming performance. While it might be fast, you will struggle to use this keyboard for long lengths of time and especially for everyday type use.” - Simon Telford (eTekinix)


Tt ESports MEKA is now available in RGN Store



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