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Razer Sabertooth: Beyond the ordinary controller!

HH on 2013-07-08

Razer Sabertooth: Beyond the ordinary controller!


In 2010, Razer released the RAZER ONZA with innovative features, ergonomics and customizability. However, it was temporarily banned by the MLG organizer even before it was released because it brought about too much advantage for gamers.

After three years, inheriting the best functions from the RAZER ONZA with some upgraded features, Razer has introduced RAZER SABERTOOTH, a new generation gaming controller, which is beyond any of the ordinary gaming controller you have ever played!



Two now turns to Six!

One remarkable change in the RAZER SABERTOOTH's design compared with RAZER ONZA is that it now has six additional fully-programmable buttons, two at the shoulders and four removable rocking switches at the back, increasing speed and precision as well as it reduces fatigue during those matches requiring focus and extended time.



Designed for reliability and mobility

Not only functionnally but design wise has been improved by the manufacturer. From the buttons, triggers, analog stick, all of them are designed to help gamers feel the reliability and mobility during the games.



The professionnalism is also seen through the convenient carrying bag sold along with the device, providing high-protection for RAZER SABERTOOTH during a long journey.



Show off your customizability

RAZER SABERTOOTH now has a built-in OLED screen that shows configuration profiles depending on which games you are playing.



Reviews from other sites

“If you’re a controller die-hard or do most of your gaming through Xbox Live rather than Steam though, we can certainly see the attraction of trading up to a controller with a little more about it than Microsoft’s old-faithful, and the Sabertooth fits that niche well; just don't expect it to turn you into a scoreboard-topping pro-gamer all by itself.” - Harry Butler (Bit-Tech)


“I was impressed from the moment I pulled the Sabertooth controller out of the included carrying case. Throwing my thumb and fingers around the controller and mashing all of the buttons at once had the Sabertooth emitting sharp and fast little clicking noises -- even unplugged I could tell that the buttons would be very responsive.” - Dale North (Destructoid)


RAZER SABERTOOTH is now available in RGN Store


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