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One Big Creep Push

Nic on 2013-04-14

One Big Creep Push


You read the title right, in this article you will be seeing an unusual type of play by a team in a pub game. If you have seen our Jungling Dazzle article, it is somewhat related to this by means of the help of Couriers.

See how the brave, mighty, and bold couriers helped the team win in a single push. The video is made and uploaded by a youtube subscriber named, ‘Fishing Sloths’.




Fortunately for the radiant team that they picked Tiny, EarthShaker, and Shadow Fiend who can obviously counter such wave. Unfortunately for the Dire that they don’t have the big ultimates that can destroy such amount of creeps. Adding to that, Bounty Hunter did not go for Battle Fury that might help in clearing creeps by means of its cleave.

Source: Fishingsloths


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    Isn't it cool? there is also a video on how did they did this :)

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