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The International Grand Finals: Alliance vs. Na'Vi

Nico Nazario on 2013-08-12


1 Final series! 1 Dream! 1 Champion! This is it! The moment we've been all waiting for -- The International 3 Grand Finals! 2 teams have outlasted 16 participating groups from all over the world. Ukranian favorites UKRAINENa'Vi and the Swede powerhouse, SWEEDENAlliance have proven that they can dominate the big stage!



What a way to end TI3 with a match between the two of the most fan favored Western team. Coming on this series, SWEEDENLoda and his Sweden-mates has proven that they are the best team at the moment going on with a splendid 20-1 record to face UKRAINEDendi and Na'Vi


These are the key stats that we should watch for in the Final Series.


SWEEDENAlliance TI3 Averages:

S4: 6 Kills, 3 Deaths, 10 Assists

Loda GPM: 562

Akke Chen and KotL: 12-1


UKRAINENa'Vi TI3 Averages:

Dendi: 6 Kills 3 Deaths, 7 Assists

Xboct GPM: 544

Dendi Pudge: 3-0 in a CRUCIAL WAY



Alliance on a whole new spectrum as of the moment. RGN Predicts 3-1 Alliance


Statistcs updated 1 hour before final day of TI3


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