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It's On: LGDcn. on Alliance (WB Round 1)

Nico Nazario on 2013-08-06
LGD vs. Alliance


Stability -- this is going to be the theme of the matchup between SWEEDENAlliance and as they fight head-to-head in the WB first round outing in The International 3. After the group stages, the boys from Sweden sweep their group with a flawless 14-0 standing making them the best team as of the moment. On the other hand, after a semi-luckluster day 1 has made a comeback and places themselves in a less-stress position.



The 14-0 standing of Alliance was because of their poise and superb late-game decision making. Casters and Analysis says that experience is the key in winning majority of the games. That seems to favor, Right? But, the boys from China are now facing a whole new Meta. CHINAXiao8’s script seems to be focus more on facing against the 4 protect 1 strategy. 


Keys to the Game

Own the Mid

Whether it be CHINAYao or CHINAXiao8, must and must and must again contain SWEEDENs4 from doing his thing. S4’s top heroes are evidently high mobility ones with Puck, and Timbersaw. One effective way to counter this, is ironically’s signature mid hero Beastmaster. Roaring s4 down in his place will prevent him in participating in clash that will signify less utility for The Alliance.

S4 Puck:         


S4 Timbersaw: 


Ban Lone Druid and Nature’s Prophet

Alliance obviously loves feeding SWEEDENAdmiralBulldog with the neither Bear nor Prophet, outside of that two heroes the team has often settle with Bounty Hunter in the group stage. Given that the team is undefeated so far, Bulldog’s Bounty Hunter has combine stats of 4 kills’ 13 deaths and 20 assist in 2 games.  If you are that is the numbers you need to exploit and hope that Bulldog brings less impact to the game.

Pick Dragon Knight or Magnus for Yao

Like what we said in the theme for this series, Stability is what LGD also needs if they want to break the flawless record of The Alliance. One vital key for the team’s stability is Yao ‘Yao’ ZhengZheng. LGD with 8 wins in the group stage has been 7/8 when they pick either DK or Magnus for Yao. He has been averaging more than 10 assist per game when given the said heroes.

Yao Dragon Knight:  

Yao Magnus:           


Whoever gives the better stability and shows more poise will definitely gain the edge in the series.


This will surely go down the wire. Alliance obviously has the momentum going in the series. RGN predicts 2-1 for Alliance. 



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