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Play Week 6 match preview: MiTH-Trust vs TongFu

Hamodi on 2013-08-16
MiTH vs. TongFu


Day 2 of play week 6 will be featuring THAILANDMiTH-Trust as they will be going up against the Chinese powerhouse CHINATongFu. Both teams that have different approaches to the game, with THAILANDMiTH-Trust focusing on the 4-protect-1 strat and CHINATongFu tends to have one to two core heroes and even throw junglers into their lineup that really worked for them during their matches.

THAILANDMiTH-Trust is a team known for not being shy and unafraid of picking heroes that we rarely see in today's meta game. The Morphling and the carry Naga-Siren are some of those examples and despite being over-shadowed by other heroes, THAILANDMiTH-Trust still play them with perfection and is mostly the reason of their successes. They were among the aspiring teams to be part of The International 3, but unfortunately they were proven to be unready as they could not get through the group stage of the qualifiers and were immediately sent home and were given another year to prepare and hopefully be ready next year.

They will be facing CHINATongFu, a team who exceeded expectations and finished fourth in this year's The International. They were among those teams who were not directly invited to participate in The International 3 but an unfortunate problem of gave them the free ticket to Seattle but were immediately criticized by many that they did not deserve it. With that, it gave CHINATongFu another reason to give it their all. They may not have taken home the Aegis of the Immortal but they without a doubt proved their selves to all that they indeed have what it takes. 



RGN DOTA 2League - Elite Play Week 6

18th August 2013, 8:00PM (GMT+8, Singapore Time)

Live Broadcast:

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