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ACG CS:GO & MSI Beat It!

Michael on 2013-08-27

ACG CS:GO & MSI Beat It!



The tournament structure of the Asian Cyber Games (ACG) Counter-Strike:Global Offensive is revealed!


Asian Cyber Games Structure:


8 teams from the following countries will qualify for the Grand Finals which will be held in Shanghai, China, on 21st November 2013. They are:

Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand & Vietnam. Team VIET NAMLegends are already Vietnam's representatives.


Prizes for ACG Grand Finals:

1st: USD$3,000 & the SEA slot for MSI Beat It Grand Finals 

2nd: USD$2,000

3rd: USD$1,000

4th to 8th: Steamwallet USD$60 x 5



Well, alot is at stake for the ACG Grand Finals because the champion will also represent South East Asia for the MSI Beat It Grand Finals which will be held on 22nd & 23rd November 2013!


Prizes for MSI Beat It:

1st: USD$10,000 + 5x MSI GE70 Gaming Laptops

2nd: USD$7,000

3rd: USD$5,000


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