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The FIFA Cup Returns!

The fifth official on 2013-08-24

The FIFA Cup Returns


The Singapore FIFA Cup is back with its second and final event for the year 2013! The popular series returns to its new home at the state-of-the-art gaming outlet, the Alienware Arena, 3 months after a successful outing with Cup #1.



The coming edition will boast a bigger prize pool and an increased player cap. Big names like Zarate (playing under the name of “justtoogood”), Kim07 and El Pistolero return to try and wrest top spot from hibidi, who sauntered to pole position 3 months ago. Malaysia’s FIFA community has also decided to take part, and a total of 10 players will cross the causeway in an attempt to gatecrash Singapore’s premier FIFA event.


Under the new prize distribution plan, players who finish 4th-8th now win for themselves $20, effectively covering their buy ins. Such a move will only serve to motivate the base to show up for future events, and promote eSports in Singapore.


The tournament has since been drawn with Hibidi, musibots, El Rey, Xtr3me3, Nieffy, Zizou and Xvicinity seeded to avoid each other until the quarter-finals at least. eSupremacy however will miss this cup for personal reasons. For the full tournament tree, visit the link below:


eSupremacy finished 4th in Cup 1 but will not be able to improve on that placing


Despite the absence of eSupremacy from cup 2, hibidi faces a tough path to the final. He potentially faces El Pistolero in the round of 16 and probably either Zarate, Vin or Warrior in his quarterfinal. It’s a tough road to the final, and the Flash eSports captain will have to be at his very best if he is to emerge first again.


In contrast, musibots and El Rey, who placed 2nd and 3rd respectively in cup 1, arguably have easier paths to the final. Musibots has only Kim07 and Kamil to get past in his quarter of the draw, while El Rey only has Malaysian legend si_jali in his way.


(From left) hibidi, El Rey and musibots: FIFA Cup 1’s top 3 placers


Follow the Singapore FIFA Cup live from 12pm onwards tomorrow (GMT+8) on Rapture Gaming Network’s official stream channel: As usual, commentary will be provided by the trio of Deathadder, EvilSWAT and Easygame.


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