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Play Week 6 match preview: Risingstars vs First Departure

Hamodi on 2013-08-16
Rising Stars vs. First Departure


We will be ending play week 6 with two teams who aspired on becoming participants last The International 3 but unfortunately for them, they could not surpass the gruelling qualfiers and their dreams were eventually crushed.


CHINARisingstars is a team that has a huge potential of becoming one of the best, but their lack of experience is what differs them from tier-two teams to tier-ones. Their Wisp pick is without a doubt their core hero as they play him with perfection and indeed brought them to numerous victories. A team that if given a great start can make you pay that you would not even noticed that the game is already out of your reach.


While for SINGAPOREFirst Departure, they are a young team and still has a lot of room for improvements and that's what scary for the other teams as they can definitely be great contenders in any competition if given the proper and necessary experience. Their roster is very versatile and can play multiple roles that is why they can pick and play different heroes and lineups that is a great advantage to them but like what I said, they need the necessary experience to make it work even better.



RGN DOTA 2 Leage - Elite Play Week 6

18th August 2013, 9:30PM (GMT+8, Singapore Time)

Live Broadcast:

Ticket via DOTA 2 Store:


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