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It's On: MuFC on Team Liquid (LB 1st Round)

Nico Nazario on 2013-08-09
MUFC on Liquid


Clearly, nothing's going in favor of the other Malaysian representative MALAYSIAMuFC. MALAYSIAWinteR and his crew have experienced major disapointments in their group stage performance. Good thing for them though is that they will still have a chance to advance and compete for that million dollar as they go up against the Americans, USATeam Liquid in a best-of-one singles eliminations match in the lower brackets. 



It is evident that USAFLUFFNSTUFF and friends are heavily favored going on to the match. Their impressive 7-7 standing in the group stage was only at least a couple of games shy for them placing in the upper bracket. One thing to point out too is that the winner of this match will have to collect themselves again for they will be facing the top dog in the same day.


Keys to the Game

Bring back the "Heart"

If MuFC wants to win this match against Team Liquid, they must bring back their heart which made them as one of the Southeast Asian's best. The heart of this group is no other than their veteran leader MALAYSIALitt-Binn 'Winter' Chan. His leadership has been the key for success in the recent months. Number's shows that in this tournament, WinteR's signature supports Rubick and Shadow Demon have drastically dropped its performance. The team needs his presence for the other cores to function well.


Winter Career Numbers:  


Winter TI3 Numbers:        


Cut the tree!

Team Liquid has somehow been the second Quantic Gaming when it comes to using the Treant. USAIxmike88 has used the tree 27 times and has a record of 22-5(81%). Though they are yet to find a win with tree in this tournament (0-1) RGN heavily suggest MuFC to just ban the tree. USAKorok, CANADATC, and USABulba is just comfortably playing their role alongside living armor. You don't want 3 aggresive carries to snowball you to defeat in a best-of-one singles elimination match. 



Don't be mislead for eventhough MuFC has yet to find their first win in the tournament, WinteR and his crew are no pushovers and has proven that in their previous tournaments. Anything can happen on a best-of-one series so RGN Predicts 1-0 in favor of MuFC



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