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RGN Elite FIFA Week 5 Winner Interviews

Yennan on 2013-08-09

FIFA Elite League


Earlier this week, we posted a recap of Week 5 of RGN's Elite FIFA League. Flash eSports got the chance to interview the winners. Below are some highlights from the interview.

A couple of players moved up the ranks as they scored their first victories after a couple of weeks. One of them is 3H_KunKun, who is currently placed in fourth place standing along with a few other players.

I have had 2 wins and now 8 points. This is great motivation for me to play and with the current performance, I believe I can stay in the top half of the league.

- 3H_KunKun

He scored his first win against MiTH.KirosZ, beating him by a 1-goal margin. 3H_KunKun recieved another win as Zarate was not available for the match-ups, resulting into a default result.

...I'm really sorry for Zarate on his default win this week, but last night I and others could not get a hold of Zarate and he was not available to play. However, we must all respect the laws of the season.

Also having a rough time at the start of the season was proA.Hakumenfox. Things started looking up though as he ended Nonii9's winning streak and nailing his second win.

Every competitor is strong and has so much skills in controlling footballers, so, all matches are so difficult to win. It’s dependent in a player’s condition and a little luck, the things I didn’t have in my first games. A small problem is in the internet connection. In my first games, I connected to the games with a pretty lag, so it effects to my play. I decided to bring my computer to a place where uses fiber net, it helped me a lot in playing.

- proA.Hakumenfox

Lastly, Flash.hibidi won 2-0 against si_jali. Careful and steady was the name of the early game as he Flash.hibidi kept it at that pace before ensuring the win with a bullet header.


Win for Flash.hibidi

I doubled my lead late in the first half against leomes, and that made the second half a lot easier in terms of me being able to dictate the tempo. Goals came naturally after he had to chase the game.

- Flash.hibidi

Matches will continue with it's next set by August 18, 2013.



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