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Numbers from The International 3

Nico Nazario on 2013-08-13

The International - The Numbers


The International 3 has concluded and a champion has been crowned. After witnessing 85 players from 17 different teams who played a total of 162 games., It's now time for the numbers to tell you what really happened in TI3.

We kick off our statistics with UKRAINENa'Vi being the team who played the most games in the tournament with 30 total games played. On the other side of the fence, aside from USAQuantic who got eliminated in the wildcard phase, it was GERMANY (F.R. OF)Mousesports, MALAYSIAMuFC, CHINARattleSnake, and RUSSIAVirtus.Pro who played the least games with 15 matches a piece.  


'The International 3 Mr.GPM'


CHINASylar from is the "Mr.GPM!" of the tournament with an average of 586GPM per game. Aside from this, the LGD carry also got the most gold per game average in the tournament with 23,669.



This 99:05 Minute Game between CHINADK and CHINAInvictus gaming was LEGENDARY, breaking two records in a single game. It was already considered as the longest Dota 2 match in history. Aside from this CHINADK.Burning being Burning has also broken the record for the most net worth in a single game with his Lone Druid harvesting a total of 62,448 Gold!


Other Statistics:

Most Kills: SWEEDENLoda 7.3Kills/Game

Most Deaths: DENMARKSynderen 5.9Deaths/Game

Most Assists: SWEEDENEGM 11Assists/Game

Most Denies: MALAYSIAYamateh 28.9/Game

Last Hit: CHINABurning 282.7 LH/Game


Most Picked Hero: Visage



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