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XBOCT calls teammates "Useless idiots"

Yennan on 2013-08-14

VK post


Hours after Na'Vi lost to Alliance during The International, XBOCT took to his social media page and posted the above statement, rousing quite a response from the community and prompting Na'Vi to issue an official statement of their own.

Na'Vi clarified that they have not released any memo about the current roster changing. They are however as to whether XBOCT post was meant to be serious or another troll post.

Message from Alexandr "XBOCT" Dashkevych on his page made a huge resonance. In this message he states that Na `Vi is unlikely to continue to play in current composition. We don't give any information about this. Is this true or is it just a fat troll from Xboct is for you to decide.

- Na'Vi, translated by Kelt

No further update has been issued by XBOCT on the matter.



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