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Invasion.Gigabyte triumphs over First Departure to become Champions of The Rampage!

SkyRaker on 2013-04-30

Invasion.Gigabyte are Champions of The Rampage!



MALAYSIAInvasion.Gigabyte played some outstanding DOTA 2 as they took Game 1 with ease as Inv.Giga|DaN’s Queen of Pain took control of her safe lane and forced Lone Druid to use a lot of health regenerative items while picking him off a couple of times. Luna, Jakiro and Rubick harassed Meracle’s Dragon Knight to great effect and stopped him from farming after picking him off a few times. Although SINGAPOREFirst Departure was doing well in their middle lane, they were losing out in their top and bottom lanes which was really disastrous as Queen of Pain and Luna was able to get farmed up in a short period of time. Queen of Pain blinked around and took out SINGAPOREFirst Departure’s support heroes and Lone Druid in a blink of an eye with an early Orchid and Scepter. Inv.Giga|DaN was certainly outstanding and was arguably the MVP of Game 1.


Source: iNv.Gigabyte.QMX_SHENG


Game 2 was the best of the 4 games and played out over almost an hour. This time, Inv.Giga|DaN chose Templar Assassin who went face to face against Poloson’s Puck while Meracle chose Morphling who was able to drag the match out. Templar Assassin played superbly and, armed with the extra damage and protection from refraction, decided to dive in and was able to kill Puck who was unable to escape with his Illusionary orb on cooldown.


Once again, Inv.Giga|DaN dominated the entire game with his Templar Assassin as all of SINGAPOREFirst Departure’s heroes simply melted like ice in the sun with the burst damage from Templar Assassin. Only one of SINGAPOREFirst Departure's heroes was able to evade The Dire every time. Not surprisingly it was Meracle’s Morphling, a hero that could push and escape swiftly. Meracle’s Morphling was ridiculously fat despite having trouble farming in the early game where he faced the aggressive trilane of Rubick, Jakiro and Lifestealer and was thus forced to play defensively at the bottom safe lane.


Lifestealer however did not play a big role in the game as he was quite underfarmed as MALAYSIAInvasion.Gigabyte relied completely on Templar Assasin to take down SINGAPOREFirst Departure’s heroes. SINGAPOREFirst Departure, with Shadow Demon, Clockwerk, Puck and Leshrac, was able to hold their middle lane barracks against the full MALAYSIAInvasion.Gigabyte team and stall for time to allow Morphling to get his Butterfly and take down The Dire’s top barracks. Morphling then teleported back and SINGAPOREFirst Departure was able to get a team wipe which was fantastic as Morphling easily took down Templar Assassin with the help of Butterfly’s evasion.


MALAYSIAInvasion.Gigabyte’s entire team had enough money to buyback and did so immediately and was able to take down Shadow Demon and Leshrac. Without his support heroes, Morphling wasn’t able to contest MALAYSIAInvasion.Gigabyte's Roshan attempt which saw them able to equip Lifestealer with the Cheese and Templar Assassin once again with the Aegis of Immortal and proceeded to push down the bottom lane. They were successful in taking down the bottom and middle melee barracks but then had to run for their lives but SINGAPOREFirst Departure was determined in chasing them down and killed them all one by one. This led to an opening for Morphling to push the top lane while Templar Assassin bought back and managed to take down the top range barracks giving the Dire side their Mega Creeps. Chaos ensued in the Dire’s base with 1 tower left defending the Ancient as Morphling desperately tried to win the match for SINGAPOREFirst Departure but ultimately was unable to finish the job as the Mega Creeps stormed the Radiant’s base and Templar Assassin and Lifestealer took down the Radiant Ancient to win the game for MALAYSIAInvasion.Gigabyte.


It was a magnificent game and proved that SINGAPOREFirst Departure still had plenty of fight in them. So it was MALAYSIA Invasion.Gigabyte who took Game 2 and went 2-0 up in the series with SINGAPOREFirst Departure clearly licking their wounds after coming so close to levelling the scoreline.


Source: iNv.Gigabyte.QMX_SHENG


Game 3 and this time, SINGAPOREFirst Departure went with a lineup which could deal a lot of damage and was aggressive from the onstart to win their first game of the Final. SINGAPOREFirst Departure was out for vengeance after losing such a close Game 2 and went with Juggernaut, Luna, Rubick, Lone Druid and Keeper of the Light. The Keeper of the Light got an unstoppable streak in the first 10 minutes which was remarkable as SINGAPOREFirst Departure was rewarded for their early aggression. They also managed to take down the bottom tier 1 tower soon after with Lone Druid’s Spirit of Calm tanking the tower and Juggernaut’s healing ward. Dragon Knight was soloing against Lone Druid but could not do much to stop him from farming. This time, SINGAPOREFirst Departure was trying to stay aggressive in an attempt to end the game as quickly as possible as they tried to stage a comeback. With Juggernaut’s Omnislash, Luna’s Eclipise, Rubick’s spell steal and Lone Druid’s Bear tanking, SINGAPOREFirst Departure easily slaughtered MALAYSIAInvaion.Gigabyte who was powerless to stop SINGAPORE First Depature taking Game 3 in just 25 minutes.


Source: iNv.Gigabyte.QMX_SHENG


Game 4 was very important for both teams with momentum seemingly shifting in favour of SINGAPOREFirst Departure as they tried to stage a remarkable comeback. MALAYSIA Invasion.Gigabyte went with Queen of Pain soloing against Magnus and surprisingly went with a Drow Ranger supported by both Rubick and Jakiro. It turned out to be a masterstroke as MALAYSIAInvasion.Gigabyte was able to take down SINGAPOREFirst Departure’s heroes with ease. With Outworld Destroyer, Queen of Pain and Drow Ranger getting incredibly farmed up after just 20 minutes into the game, SINGAPOREFirst Departure was forced to call “GG” and surrendered.


Source: iNv.Gigabyte.QMX_SHENG


With that, MALAYSIAInvasion.Gigabyte became the first champions of The Rampage as the day ended dissappointingly for SINGAPOREFirst Departure.

Source: The Rampage


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