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Video guide on how to Jungle your Magnus

Nic on 2013-04-15

Video guide on how to Jungle your Magnus



Playing in Pub, most of you must really be getting pissed because of the multiple carries that are always picked in game. Alongside picking of those carries is the lane farming that they need to have.

Multiple heroes such as Batrider, Lycan, Lone Druid and Dark Seer are the known carries that are be able to Jungle to get their levels and farm. But what if you like to be that big initiator like Magnus for your team? How will you be able to get the core items of Arcane Boots and Blink Dagger fast that would not conflict with your other carry farms?


In this video presented by a Youtube uploader named, ‘locKifiedDotA’ he has narrated and showed a great way for a Magnus to farm and get his level by using the Dire Jungle.



Doing this until you get those 2 core items stated earlier, you’ll be able to shock the opposition with those blink skewers setup that will also make your carries smile and play with you more.

Source: locKifiedDotA


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  1. gravatar

    Any meele hero i guess

  2. gravatar

    I think only to Magnus, since you'll be needing to skewer up in that specific area to do so.

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