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Mineski wins the SEA qualifiers for LOL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON 3

Zepp on 2013-08-19


Mineski gain the champion of LOL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON 3 QUALIFER (SEA) Title!!!!


Mineski, the underdog team from the Philippines, has won the LOL World Championship Season 3 Qualifer (SEA). The tournament was the qualifier for the best team from each region for the Season 3 World Championship tournament, to be held at Staples Center, Los Angeles.

Mineski was 2nd place during the Philippines qualifier with Exile placed as 1st but they couldn't come to the tournament so Mineski took the spot. Mineski started off with a win against NetXGame and then losing to Singapore Sentinels, sending them to the loser's bracket where they faced off against the Bangkok Titans from Thailand. They pushed forward to go against the Kuala Lumpur Hunters, who lost to the Saigon Jokers which Mineski also had a match against later on in the grand finals. The tournament ended with Mineski going up against the team that sent them to the loser's bracket, the Singapore Sentinels.

Getting to the winner's bracket granted the Singapore Sentinels 1 free game win into the finals. However, Mineski played well during their first game, pushing the score to 1-1 and the tie-braker second game swayed into Mineski's favor with their aggressive playstyle, ultimately landing them the win.

Mineski will now be the representative for SEA to the LOL World Championship Season 3. Rapture Gaming Network congrautlates the team on their stunning performance and wish the best for them in the coming competitions.

Checkout more photos from the event below:





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