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MiTH.FD: Championing Thailand at WCG 2013

Reuben Soh on 2013-08-15

MiTH.FD: Championing Thailand at WCG 2013



To come out tops in one of the fastest growing eSports in the nation is no easy feat. In the short time that you have to establish yourself and your team, you have to then fend off a massive amount of raw, unpredictable talent that's every bit as eager as you are in becoming the best in the country. However, despite the daunting nature of the task, MiTH.FLashDive (or MiTH.FD), fared surprisingly well against their contemporaries and have since been rewarded with the honor of flying the national flag at WCG 2013, China.


FlashDive, the League of Legends (LoL) division belonging to the popular Thai eSporting outfit, MiTH, never thought that they make they would make it this big when they first started—but after winning all but their three of their first 50 competitive games it became quite clear that they were on to something. In an exclusive interview with our man on the scene, Hai Nguyen, FlashDive talks about their meteoric rise, as well as fears and expectations going into WCG 2013 and beyond.


Team MiTH.FlashDive’s current roster and roles:

MiTH.FDG4 : Mid laner

MiTH.FD PSK: Top laner

MiTH.FDXlll: Jungler

MiTH.FD Boss: AD carry

MiTH.FDValen: Support

MiTH.FD 007x: Top laner/ Jungler

MiTH.FDZanfas: Top laner




How many hours a day typically go into training and studying replays?

We usually do scrims 2-3 hours a day since we are not yet a professional team. Members in our team still have their responsibilities in their lives, such as school and work to go to. And of course, we consistently watch tournaments and pro plays whenever we are free from scrims.



How did you get into League of Legends?

Everyone in our team played in the early NA server (season 1 and 2). Afterwards, Garena brought ‘League of Legends’ to Thailand then we decided to move to our local server which provide us less than 30ms ping compared to 200~ms ping on NA server. We eventually came to know each other from ranked solo queues and hence a number of us are in high elo games. We formed a team by enlisting people from the challenger tier which we play against.



Going back to the LCS Pro League Thailand, what do you think of your team’s position?

Our hard work has paid off as we’re one of the top teams in Thailand. However, we are looking for opportunities to compete against oversea teams.



How do you feel about your rise in the Pro League Thailand?

We are delighted. We had to start from scratch. We have never had to make concessions against any team we played. Right from the beginning our reputation has grown and of course, we are very happy about it.


Who is your most feared opponent?

We play with the belief that we are better than our opponents. Still, we never let our guard down. If we feel “scared”, we will not be able to perform at our best.


What do you think of BKT and their new players: JaeYoong, Hagane and SF5.Navy?

JY, Hagane and Navy are rising players. It depends on their new 3 foreign members and BKT, whether they're ill be able to cope and harmonize their play style, overcome communication barriers and [differences in] attitude.



Do you have a favorite champion for relaxing games? And how do you go about selecting your heroes in competitive games?

Almost all the champions that my team likes to play will be chosen in competitive games. But, some champions like Lee Sin, for example, cannot be chosen to play in some roles such as Jungle role and support role.



Do you guys have fun in pro games or is it mostly stressful?

It’s most likely stressful. We put our best effort in every single game. You could not imagine the atmosphere while we are in the match. We play to win.



What is your next goal? Win Pro League Thailand and S3 World Championships SEA Regional Qualifier?

Recently, we have qualified to be in the WCG 2013 at China. Our next goal is to compete against finest team in SEA region.



Thanks for being a good sport for allowing us to interview you! Do you have any shoutouts for your fans?

Big thanks to our fans and supporters. MiTH Flashdive is going to compete with topnotch teams in China very soon. Lastly, we would love to thank to our sponsor lovely MiTH being a good support for our team!



If you’ll like to find out more about MiTH.FD head on over and like their official Facebook fanpage at 


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