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Dota 2 Rumor: LightOfHeaven to play in China, LGD.Int not disbanded

Nico Nazario on 2013-08-14

The dust has been cleared and SWEEDENAlliance is your International 3 champions. The Chinese which has 5 representatives in the event has failed to gain at least top 3. With underwhelming performance at the event, fans are expecting the Chinese scene to work on it and prepare big for the upcoming tournaments. 


There are rumors escalating in the Chinese forum ( that LGD.Int, though were eliminated early will not be disbanding and instead is going to be reformed. RUSSIALightOfHeaven has been rumored to agreed possilibty of him playing in China together with his former Na'Vi-mate RUSSIAArs-Art.


At the moment, LGD.Int players, RUSSIAGod, SWEEDENPajkatt, DENMARKMisery, CHINA1437, and USABrax are back to their hometown to spend some time to rest. In addition to this news, It is also reported that "Ducky" is prepping to be the official coach of the upcoming LGD.Int.


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