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Solo Championship Finalists Announced

RollsRoyce on 2013-08-07

Solo Championship Finalists Announced



The Solo Championships playoffs have concluded with the two best solo mid players scheduled to square off on the second day of The International 2013's main event - and both hail from the best South East Asia has to offer.


CHINA Ferrari.430 closed out a quarter-final match up against CHINA Mu in a game which endured interruptions earlier on, with a convincing victory in the Shadow Fiend round before taking the series, setting up a date with SINGAPORE iceiceice in the semi-final.


SINGAPORE iceiceice however beats CHINA Ferrari.430 in two straight games as the latter was left mulling the ultimate troll Singaporean-style Tusk and Queen of Pain trickery. It was pretty much validation that South East Asia produces some of the best solo mid laners in the world as few can top the Singaporean's performance even on a good day.  

So finally, the time has come for both of the best players from  South East Asia to brawl. MALAYSIA Mushi will be facing SINGAPORE iceiceice in the grand finals of TI3's Solo Championship which will be held on the second day and main event and it's looking like anyone's game! 

So stay tune for more updates on this exciting Solo finale! Who are you rooting for? Lend your favorite player a shout out in the comments section below! 








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