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Ran Online : The Rise of Lost Island

Michael on 2013-06-20

Ran Online : The Rise of Lost Island



"D-OZ Light" another tragedy leaves by Dr. Choi. Dr. Choi who studies about a new world found new fact that one can transfer another world using a machine called particle accelerator.

After a long study he finally completed creating the machine. Machine is operated and uses to transfer the opposite side of the world; finally another world has disappeared without any trace. 

A few years later, unknown island has risen in the place where the opposite side of the world is disappeared. Unidentified assailants suddenly appeared in front of Saint Foundation's Research Group. Ryuin and the other who identify them as Daramai people get ready for combat...

Ran World new update "THE FRONTIER CHAPTER 4 - The Rise of Lost Island"
Maximum level will be increased up to 260! New skill, item compounding system and personal store searching system will be also added. 

Not to forget new map called "Ground Zero" that will be introduced on June 2013. Prepare your selves to do a battle with Daramai Special Forces.



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