Car Transmission

Car Transmission

Garage R caters to tyre needs of varied group of users in Singapore; ranging from general drivers looking out for high performance & less maintenance to racing drivers demanding for high tensile strength.

We endorses large scale of supply of tubeless as well as tube-type tyres in Singapore , made from high quality vulcanized rubber, each having excellent capacity to render unimaginable speeds.

Our Professionals assimilates world best technologies to create Powertrain including engine, drive shafts, differentials, transmission, drive wheels, continuous track and propellers. These promises to flourish sustainable performance and enhanced power capability upon subjected to extreme loads.

We offer varied Car Transmission Services throughout Singapore:

  • Automatic transmission
  • Semi automatic transmission
  • Manual transmission
  • CVT (Continuous variable transmission)

Being top manufacturing unit, we conceptualize all mechanism of creating powerful & high performing products that renders superb control on roads with fast response on applying braking in emergency conditions. We make sure they render best grip along with excellent acceleration under varied road conditions .Innovative and trendy design patterns not only enhances the grace of cars rather they also offer great stability to customers.


  • Best-in -class with improved tendency to overcome performance hurdles like water drainage and exposure to sunlight for prolonged period of time.
  • Specifically formulated to deliver extraordinary power performance and luxury to SUV cars.

We outlet most preferred and specially customized tires ,well compatible to stay non-resistant to extreme weather conditions; be it high temperatures in daylight or throughout humid regions. Tyres possess awesome capability to deliver a smooth and efficient ride on straight as well as uneven roads with much convenience and comfort.

In Singapore ,we deals in supply of premium quality & fully synthetic engine oil for passenger cars like Ford, PSA, GM, BMW, Audi, VW and Mercedes-Benz. Apart from this, we have oils for modern petrol & diesel vehicles that are completely designed to render prolonged life to engines with absolute cleanliness.

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+ Garage R offers General Maintenance service

Garage R has always held the image of a Performance & Tuning workshop, due to the impressive track records set at the racing arena. 

+ Stand 21 HSC Suits

The Heat Stress program of medical and scientific research has provided Stand 21 a strong lead in the field of manufacturing products that help fight heat stress risks related.