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Garage R’s Motor Sports department handles all motor racing activities. The many years of experience in motor sports has given us an unsurpassed understanding in vehicle dynamics and technology. This coupled with our experienced Technical Support and dedicated Team Management, has given us both the knowledge and capability to understand how vehicles react at the very limit of their performance envelope, thus giving our motor sports teams an edge over any competition. We provide a wide range of customized solutions to any individual or teams who want to take part in motor sports racing, based on time frame and the budget provided.

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Garage R offers General Maintenance service

Garage R has always held the image of a Performance & Tuning workshop, due to the impressive track records set at the racing arena. 

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Stand 21 HSC Suits

The Heat Stress program of medical and scientific research has provided Stand 21 a strong lead in the field of manufacturing products that help fight heat stress risks related. 

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