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Million Dollar Call of Duty Championship 2013

RGN on 2013-04-07

Million Dollar Call of Duty Championship 2013


Hollywood is the venue as the top 32 Call of Duty (COD) teams in the world are currently shooting it out to win from a US$1,000,000 prize pool.  Teams came from different regional qualifiers like the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia have qualified for this million-dollar tournament.



US$1,000,000 Prize Pool:

Champion:          US$400,000

Runner-up:          US$200,000

3rd Place:           US$120,000

4th Place:            U$100,000

5th Place:            US$70,000

6th Place:            US$50,000

7th Place:            US$35,000

8th Place:            US$25,000


The 32 teams started in a round robin format and now have progressed to a 16-team double elimination format. This Grand finals championship match will conclude on Sunday, April 7 (3pm PDT) so do not miss who will walk away with the cash prize of US$400,000 cash!


LIVE stream of this tournament can be watched here:

Brackets can be found here:




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    Awesome! more million dollar tournaments please.

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