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Dpmlicious [Part 2]: Up Close & Personal

June on 2012-01-05

Name: Sing Chi (a.k.a ‘dpm’ and ‘Dpmlicious’)
Birthday: June 26
Occupation: Educator, eSports Community Figure (Journalist, Organiser, Caster and Emcee)
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Following the previous part, let’s talk with Dpmlicious to understand better about the life of this girl, who have a lovely, sweet and great personality!

RGN: Dpm, please tell me more about your nationality.

Dpmlicious: Bloodwise, I'm Korean-Singaporean (Chinese), but my legal father is Filipino and I'm a Hong Kong permanent resident. I was born in Hong Kong, went to international schools here. Went to the Philippines for five years, and then came back again for my International Baccalaureate and university. Though, at the time, I did not want to return to Hong Kong because I was supposed to enter Ateneo de Manila University when I was 15. After popping over to SG last year, I’m based in Hong Kong again.

DPM in the streets of Hong Kong!

RGN: I can’t imagine what life in Hong Kong would be like. Give me an example of a regular day.

Dpmlicious: My life is very simple and I spend a lot of time online. In the schedule below, “Go online” could be anything including my educational work, gaming-related work, socialising with friends and gaming. What I do when I go online depends on my schedule and what needs to be done.

Morning: Wake up at 8 / 9am. Go online then eat breakfast. Go online. Gym session (Yes! I’m trying to be healthier!). Go online.

Afternoon: Lunch. Go online. Tutor.

Evening: Dinner. Go online. Sleep at 12 midnight / 1 am.


DPM's Bed...

RGN: Can you tell me about your non-gaming hobbies?

Dpmlicious: I breathe, eat and live DOTA 2. Kidding! But, seriously, I currently don’t have time for non-gaming hobbies. I guess you could say I watch some TV series and a couple of movies here and there.

Sometimes my days are filled with community related activities to the point that I barely have any time to even play DotA or DOTA 2. Since I do a wide range of different things, there is always something for me to do. But, I’ve recently been making sure that I have some (sometimes TONS) of time to play with my friends. I even play on the EU server with 400ms!

People have been encouraging me to become more serious about casting and start casting online on a regular basis. If I find it fun, I might spend tons of time on it. So stay tuned!

 DPM on DOTA 2 Europe server with 400+ms

RGN: Can you share some non-gaming talents and competition honours?

Dpmlicious: I can roll my tongue! But, only one roll! Seriously though…

My great passion before DotA, was debate. I was a competitive debater that represented my university. I've been to around 30 different events in 10 different countries to compete, judge or teach debate and public speaking. 

Before debate, I focused on youth development and activism. Since I was ten, I held leadership positions in various school and external charities and academic, artistic, media and sports organizations. I received various scholarships and awards for my academic and extra-curricular performance. But, that was a very long time ago.

Actually, one of my dreams is to motivate gamers to become involved in something other than gaming. I haven’t gotten around to it yet, but hope to start soon.

Tufts Institute for Leadership and International Perspective batch 2005-2006!

RGN: Can you tell me about your favourite quote?

Dpmlicious: I do not have a favourite quote. I normally just say what’s on my mind. Each situation will have a different suitable thought. But, I do enjoy good quotes when I come across them.

RGN: What are your favourite things?


1. Insanely good Internet
2. Alienware M17X R3
3. Purple things
4. Pandas
5. Star shaped things

So, a panda plushie holding a purple star would be incredibly awesome. Maybe even more so if it were a router! If I had to choose between the top two items and a variety of clothes, I would choose the sexy internet and laptop. I would be content to be wearing the same uniform, of course with a change of clothes, just like The Simpsons. Even more if it were purple.

DPM’s old baby, Alienware M17X R2, with Pandaren and a froggie friend.

RGN: Tell me about the most memorable memory you had in gaming.

Dpmlicious: This is going to sound really corny but… being at The International at Gamescom for so many reasons. Soaking in the atmosphere and being around so many people who share the same passion as me was a dream come true. Seeing it being publicly revealed and appreciated for the first time was absolutely amazing. I FINALLY got to meet some people that I have known for years, but never got to see in person.

The quality of the tournament was the best I’ve ever witnessed. More event organisers should strive to achieve the same quality. Valve clearly cares about the experience for the competitors and audience. They even understand the importance of the ranking reflecting the true skill level and achievement of the team. This is why they had group stages to seed teams into a double elimination stage, instead of just having single elimination.

The overwhelming happiness made me cry on numerous occasions. Tears of happiness would appear while I watched beautiful games being played with a captivated audience. Sometimes, they would come when I thought about how much stronger our community would be with the improved community features and unified DOTA 2. I can only imagine that it must have only been a fraction of what IceFrog felt during that period. I really am truly lucky and grateful to Valve and IceFrog for that experience.

DPM with people other than the competitive gamers @ The International.

RGN: Tell me about the most memorable memory you had in real life.

Dpmlicious: There are so many wonderful people that have made me cherish so many memories. I would like to keep my most memorable memory private. But life is not about the most memorable memories we have, but is more about the future memories we can and will make... and how those experiences shape who we are as individuals.

RGN: Do you have any shoutouts?

Dpmlicious: Hello to the entire DotA and DOTA 2 community! You’re awesome! Particularly, IceFrog and Valve for improving our game. Alienware for supporting numerous gaming events!

I would love to list out everyone, but I just love too many DotA communities and teams, but you know who you are! Remember that whenever you feel down, you still have a lot more to offer and can do it! ^_^

RAWR to all gamers out there!

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